CrytoPlay.it is a trusted third party, allowing players to challenge each others, without needs to question the fairness of the other players.

Using cryptocurrencies and automated services, you have the guaranty that the defined rules of a game you joined will be respected.

The winner(s) of a game will automatically receive their gains !

Each CryptoPlay.it games define what are the rules ( mode / type / duration / reward / etc... ) that players will be following.

To take part in a game, each player must first link his game account, to prove that he is the one playing and making his scores. He also have to provide a wallet address to receive his gains.

Then using cryptocurrency technology, we are able to verify that each player has sent the buy-in amount to us before allowing him to take part to a game.

Each player scores are then retrieved at the beginning and at the end of the game, in order to elect the winner(s).

Finally the winner(s) gains are sent to the previously defined wallet address !

Everything is done automatically, so that no human mistake or misbehavior can get in the way.

Yes, we are looking forward to add new games and already have a few in mind.

If there is a need or a strong request from the players to add others coins, it will be considered.

Yes! We are looking forward to that!

For now you can use the Contact us page.

We will also run polls in a near future to have your opinions.

In the Open Games list, select a game that suits you ( buy-in, game type / mode, rewarding ) by clicking on the JOIN button.

You will then be given an address where you have to send the buy-in to take part in the game.

Before you join your first game, you will be asked to provide a wallet address where your gains will be automatically sent.

You can manually change this address in your account -> Wallets

Please note that we are not responsible for invalid wallet addresses !


Fortnite Battle Royale is a free to play game, you can download it on the official Epic games website.

Yes! And you will receive a confirmation of your Fortnite Display Name when you link your Fortnite account.

No, for the moment only the Battle Royale game is supported, stay tunned for more !

It will be asked automatically before you are allowed to join your first game.

You can also set it up manually in your account -> Fortnite.

You will be asked your Fortnite email and password, and after submission, your Display Name and Platform will be displayed for confirmation.

Please note that you will not be able to resubmit your account if you have any ongoing Cryptoplay.it Fortnite game.

Please note that you can change your password after your account is linked, what we store is your Display Name and Platform, which are public data.

Yes, it is ! We do not store your email nor your password, it is only required to submit them in order for you to prove that you own the account, and will be the one making your scores.

You are free to change your password after your account is linked, what we store is your Display Name and Platform, which are public data.

Yes! As we do not store your Fortnite account credentials, we are not able to access it again.

Thus you need to resubmit your account if you change platform, in order for us to update it.

Otherwise, your scores will not be retrieved correctly.

The buy-in is the amount a player has to send to take part in the game.

The sum of all the buy-in is the total at stake, in other words, the amount rewarded to the winner(s).

Yes! If you do not find any Open Game that suits you, you are free to set up a new game with the rules that you prefer !

To create a game simply go on the Fortnite page and click on CREATE GAME

We use the rake system that is used in poker ( and many others ).

In other words, there is no cost for joining a game, instead only the winner(s) pay a commission.

This way, if you do not win a game, you do not have the feeling to have wasted a fee on top of your buy-in.

Also, if a game is canceled for any reason, all players will be fully refunded, as there was no winner(s).

The average rake in the poker world is 10%, but we have decided to rake only 5% per game, as it should be enough (hopefully!) to cover all our servers costs.

Please note that the rake is rounded up.

For example, in a game at 10 RDD buy-in and the winner takes all, with 5 players, the winner will receive 47 RDD ( 5 x 10 RDD = 50 RDD - 5% = 47.5 RDD rounded to 47 RDD ).

A game mode is either Solo, Duo, Squad or Any.

It correspond to the different mode you can play in Fortnite Battle Royale, and it is important that you pay attention to it, otherwise your scores will not be retrieved correctly !

If a game mode is Any, you can play any mode you want, and it will count toward this game.

But if for example a game mode is Duo, only your scores made in Duo in Fortnite Battle Royale will count toward this game !

A game type is the type of score that will be counted to elect the winner.

The different game types are :

- Most Kills : The player(s) who will score the most kills will be elected winner(s).

- Most Wins : The player(s) who will score the most victory ( Top 1 ) will be elected winner(s).

- Most in Top 3 : The player(s) who will score 3rd or better ( Top 3 or Top 1 ) the most will be elected winner(s).

- Most in Top 5 : The player(s) who will score 5th or better ( Top 5, Top 3 or Top 1 ) the most will be elected winner(s).

- Most in Top 6 : The player(s) who will score 6th or better ( Top 6, Top 5, Top 3 or Top 1 ) the most will be elected winner(s).

- Most in Top 10 : The player(s) who will score 10th or better ( Top 10, Top 6, Top 5, Top 3 or Top 1 ) the most will be elected winner(s).

- Most in Top 12 : The player(s) who will score 12th or better ( Top 12, Top 10, Top 6, Top 5, Top 3 or Top 1 ) the most will be elected winner(s).

- Most in Top 25 : The player(s) who will score 25th or better ( Top 25, Top 12, Top 10, Top 6, Top 5, Top 3 or Top 1 ) the most will be elected winner(s).

It is not possible to retrieve the result of a particular game, nor it is possible to make sure that all players are on the same map instance.

For this reason, each CryptoPlay.it Fortnite game has a defined duration, during which, each players will be allowed to play as many time as they want or can, in order to increase their score.

At the start and at the end of the defined duration, each player scores are retrieved, and a simple subtraction allow to elect the winner.

For example, if the game type is Most Kills, you will have to make as many kills as possible, in any number of Fortnite Battle Royale games, in the defined game duration to be ranked as a winner.

Reward gains are always shared equally between elected winners.

The different game rewarding way are :

- Winner takes all : quite explicit, only the best player will be elected winner.

- Top 3 Podium : the 3 best players, no matter how many players joined, will be elected winners.

- Top 10% : the top 10% of players will be elected winners, in others words, if 20 players join, the 2 best players will be elected winners.

- Top 20/25/33/50% : same as Top 10%, but with more winners elected.

Please note that the number of player elected in the Top 10/20/25/33/50% is rounded up ( Thus a Top 10% with 15 players will elect 2 winners ).

Please note that if there is an ex aequo, the gains will be equally shared.

Example : A 'Winner takes all' game with the 1st and 2nd ranked players ex aequo will split the gains equally.
Example : A 'Top 10%' game with 15 player joining ( thus rewarding the 1st and 2nd player only ), and with the 2nd and 3rd ranked players ex aequo, will result in those 3 players sharing the reward equally.

No worries, you will be automatically refunded to the wallet address you provided to retrieve your gains !

No worries, you will be automatically refunded to the wallet address you provided to retrieve your gains !


Overwatch League is played by professional teams only. Cryptoplay allow you to bet on your favorite team!

It is entirely up to you! You can send any amount you want!

There is no fee to place a bet! Instead, we rake the losing bets. This way you do not pay a commission on top of your bet!

The rewarding system works as following:

After a match ends, the winners will get back their bets, plus a share of the losing bets, minus our commission (We rake 5% on the loosing bets).

For example :

You made a winning bet of 100 RDD.

The total of the winning bets is 500 RDD.

Thus you sent 20% of the winning bets.

The total of the losing bets is 800 RDD.

We take 5% (40 RDD) from the loosing bets, thus remains 760 RDD to share amongst the winners.

You will get back your initial bet of 100 RDD plus 20% of the 740 RDD, meaning you'll receive 100 + 152 = 252 RDD!

The bigger your bet is compared to the total of the winning bets, the more you'll get from the losing bets!

By adding to the total at stake of a team, you will attract other people to bet on the opposing team, as it will become a more rewarding bet for them in case of victory!

The total at stake on both team will then build up, and if your bet is winning you'll get more reward!


To buy reddcoins, you need to pass by an exchange market, that will exchange a fiat or crypto currency for reddcoins.

You can find more informations in the reddcoin page.

To send reddcoins, as with any other cryptocurrency, you need to know the address of the recipient.

After you join a game, you will be given an address to send the buy-in.

Make sure to copy/paste this address, to avoid any mistake !

Please note that for every game the address will be different !

Sending the buy-in to another address than the one specified, will result in you losing your funds, and there is nothing we can do about it !

To retrieve your gains, you need to provide a wallet address.

You can either generate a wallet address with the wallet software that you use ( core wallet, coinomi, etc...), or generate an incoming address in your exchange market account.

Every cryptocurrency define a number of confirmations before a transaction is stated as confirmed.

Reddcoin requires 6 confirmations, which can take up to a few minutes.

To monitor your transaction, you can use Reddsight

Reddcoin does not require any transaction fee, but that is for most of the transactions.

In order to protect the network from flooding or from malicious people, a protection is setup, that ask a very small fee ( ~0.002 RDD on average ) when too many transactions are made by the same wallet.

Thus depending on the current usage of CryptoPlay.it, it is possible that a very small fee is taken from you in order to make the transaction.

This fee goes to the network, and is not taken by CryptoPlay.it.